We Have Some News!

Gary and I moved from our longtime Dallas, TX home to the Big Island of Hawaii four years ago, loving this magical place, feeling the island’s energy, and particularly on the Mauna Lani property since our first trips here years before moving.

It has been our greatest pleasure to have lived on this beautiful property for the past four years. When we made the decision to move from Dallas we knew this was the place we wanted to be. It was the place we fell in love, where Gary proposed, where we honeymooned, vacationed, built friendships, and truly came to love. Sunshine, trade winds, and ocean air have added years to both of our lives, and joyfully, Yoda’s.

The decision to make the move from Dallas at the time was of course a hard one. Gary and I had worked in Dallas for decades, both independently and together, we had long-established friendships, family close by, and we were able to escape on a flight to anywhere in the world very easily from DFW.

But, we always looked into our souls and found ourselves going to one place together, Hawaii.

We landed, found jobs, walked to work, and have built new careers in the world of fine art working for Lahaina Galleries. Now the timing is such that we have to depart the island. Though it breaks our hearts to move sometimes life takes us on a journey that ultimately leads to greatness.

At the end of this month, we are relocating to Southern California, Orange County to be precise, on a whole new adventure. We will be working with Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach, and find ourselves closer to family, friends, and wine country! New opportunities with the gallery, with Dallas Uncorked, Red Wine With Breakfast, and Cogill Consulting await, an exciting time as we head into Oscar season as we are gearing up for wine and film events. Hawaii will always be where our hearts are, but we are excited and grateful for a new experience. Wish us luck! #Cheers



  1. Sending best wishes to you and Gary as you embark upon this new chapter in your lives.


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