What To Drink Now: Sherry

Long gone are the days where you drank Sherry in thimble-sized glasses with your pinky out at cocktail parties where conversations remained low with noses in the air. Today Sherry is one of the most exciting, albeit historic, categories in wine. Why? Because it tastes so good.

Right now we are celebrating International Sherry Week, so if you’re not drinking these aromatic, inviting wines, run to the store today and buy one to enjoy tonight. Now is the time!

Sherry ranges from dry to sweet. The drier styles are generally enjoyed as aperitifs or throughout a savory dinner, like one of the best aperitif Sherry wines, favorite Fino Tio Pepe. Tio Pepe is 100% Palomino with inviting flavors of blanched almond, yeast, green olive, apple, and bitter lemon, perfectly enjoyed with salted almonds and olives, salty chips, platers of Spanish Jamon and Manchego cheese.

Oloroso is also typically enjoyed with savory courses, as the oxidized Palomino-based Sherry is ideal with stews and braised beef dishes. However, the hazelnut, toasted oak, roasted apple, and spice-filled selection is tasty with a little something sweet. Consider pairing Alfonso Oloroso from Gonzalez Byass with apple pie a ‘la mode as the finish of the Sherry has a slight creamy vanilla note that lingers on the palate.

If you prefer something a little sweeter, Pedro Ximinez is sure to please. Gonzalez Byass Néctar Pedro Ximenez is sweet and rich with incredibly high sugar content, perfect with a tangy, tart red cherry pie. Layering fig jam, raisin, dried cherry, and orange blossom honey, the silky smooth sweet wine has a luscious, velvety note, with just the right amount of acidity to keep you going back to revisit again and again, best enjoyed slightly chilled.