Domenio Wines Ànima Nua Cor Viu Rosso

Today’s wine of the day raises a glass to one of my favorite red wines from one of my favorite countries, Spanish Tempranillo. This one comes from a part of the country that isn’t as well known, as we often automatically think of Rioja for great Spanish Tempranillo. However, within Catalonia to the east of Rioja is a small region consisting of a handful of individual producers and quality cooperatives creating delicious wine, DO Conca de Barberà. Since 1917 Cellers Domenys has worked seven different cooperatives in Catalonia with over 6000 acres of vineyard land and almost 500 acres of olive orchards, bottling their wines under the Domenio Wines brand.

Ànima Nua Cor Viu Rosso is their latest offering, a 100% certified organic wine crafted from Ull de Llebre (the local name for Tempranillo.) From sustainable, organically farmed vineyards sitting at over 1400 feet above sea level ranging from 20-35 years old. The region benefits from a mix of Continental and Mediterranean climates, meaning they see some extremes, hot days, cold nights, freezing winters, arid summers, all coming together to create grapes with concentrated ripe fruit flavors, with fresh acidity and nice structure. The wine is aged on the lees (yeasts) for a limited time of just 5 months, which is unusual for Tempranillo as the variety tends to benefit from oak aging, particularly American oak. But, the lees aging gives a nice roundness to the wine without weighing it down or over-taking the flavors with spice or oak. Red berries and black cherry meld with wild blackberry and blueberry jam, the wine is a tasty pairing with something simple like Manchego and Jamon, or braised beef and hearty stew. #Cheers