We’re Toasting: New York City

I know we haven’t toasted together in a bit. Gary and I have just returned from a magical week in New York seeing shows and friends. I usually love to visit New York during the holidays and was so excited when we arrived to see that the Rockefeller Plaza tree was still up and shining bright and the city still had that Christmas feel in the air.

We became awestruck with the brilliance of Hamilton, became enchanted by the beauty of La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera, and danced along with the whimsical cast of Moulin Rouge. We dined….man did we dine. (Gorgonzola and roasted garlic bread from Fiorello’s by the Met should have been a part of my daily diet years ago!) And, if you are in New York add Rezdora to your must-do list. Dear friend, Chef Stefano Secchi, is crafting some of the finest Italian flavors in the world, including those found in all of Italy!

Our evening at Rezdora has been added to the very short list of the finest meals Gary and I have enjoyed together (right next to French Laundry.)

We laughed, we talked, we breathed, we walked the city, we shared, we planned, we were completely present, taking in the city and all of her glory. And yes, we drank gorgeous bottles of wine. Now that we are back, we will toast a wine of the day tomorrow.

For now though, I raise a glass to the great city of New York. We do love you!



  1. Would have been great if you could have gone to Carmine’s Restaurant in the theater district. One of our favorites up there. Or the River Cafe in Brooklyn. Great places.

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