We’re Cooking: Fluffy Cheesy Omelette


Making the perfect omelette has been something I have been trying to perfect for a while.  It is easy to scramble an egg…fry one…even poach one.  But to carefully make an omelette to ensure that it is cooked and browned perfectly on the bottom, while the top might still be a little runny, then adding gooey cheese and any other assortment of flavors takes a little effort.  This one turned out beautifully, and though the timing had to be just right, it certainly doesn’t take long.


Fluffy Cheese Omelette
1 tablespoon butter
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons heavy cream or milk
Pinch red pepper flakes
1/3 teaspoon each salt and pepper
1/4 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning or other dried herbs
1/3 cup shredded cheese, we used an Italian blend, but cheddar or other easy melting cheese will work


Whisk the eggs, cream, herbs and spices together in a small bowl.  Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat then add the tablespoon of butter and let melt.  As soon as it has melted pour in the eggs and begin to move them around with a rubber spatula, lifting the edges carefully to let some of the runny eggs slide under the set eggs.  After about 3 minutes sprinkle the cheese over the top of the setting eggs and let cook another 1-2 minutes as the cheese starts to melt.  Then carefully flip one edge of the omelette over to the middle, then flip the middle over to the edge and slide on to a plate.  Sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve with a touch of Siracha or hot sauce.

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