We’re Loving: Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe

If you haven’t seen the big pink and blue food truck with the adorable pig adorning the side right next to the name “Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe” I will say you are missing out! And probably haven’t frequented one of the favorite food truck round ups we have now in Dallas, namely around Klyde Warren Park or in front of the Winspear Opera House. Ruthie’s isn’t just any food truck, they specialize in one thing…and do that one thing well…so well.

Tasty, tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, sometimes with the addition of turkey or ham, sometimes with jalapeno or tomatoes, but always soft, buttery toasted bread housing gooey, creamy, delicious cheese. We had a chance to have Ruthie’s out to our birthday party a few weeks ago (they will roll up to any occasion from kids parties, office gatherings, cocktail hour) grilling up special sandwiches for guests as they took a break from dancing, or received our thank yous for coming as they waited to get their car from valet. It was the ideal, and very special, way to end our incredible night…after all, what is better than a “40 is the new 20” chicken and pesto with mozzarella grilled cheese! Thanks to the Ruthie’s team, mainly Chris, Ashlee and Robin!
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  1. Just one of the many treats provided by Hayley and Gary at their special event. Thanks to Chris and Ashlee for delivering a terrific and delicious end to a perfect evening.


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