We’re Toasting: Thanksgiving Wines on The Broadcast

Earlier this week I had a chance to visit with the ladies of The Broadcast about some great wines to pair with your Thanksgiving meal.  This morning I posted a full list, including specifics on those discussed on the show, on SideDish – jump to this link to check out the prefect pairings.

And, one additional I didn’t get to include in the post but talked about on the show is Ghost Hill Cellars Pinot Noir Blanc from Willamette Valley.  I love when Pinot Noir is made in this style, pressing the juice directly from the grapes as soon as it is harvested, keeping post harvest skin contact relatively low allowing the fresh, fruit forward flavors of the Pinot Noir grape to shine, creating a gorgeous light pink/blush colored wine filled with citrus, grapefruit and white raspberry notes. Not a Rose as the flavor is much more subtle, fresh and lovely.  Ghost Hill is a high quality, small production, family owned winery that has been working their Yamhill-Carlton farm since 1906. For their Pinot Noir Blanc they leave the fermented juice on the lees (the yeasts) for 6 months adding a creamy richness to the wine before bottling. Fresh, lively and balanced with good acidity making it enjoyable on its own or with seafood, salads or your roasted Thanksgiving turkey. $25 available via their website.

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