Dallas Uncorked Harvest Dinner a Tasty Success


Though I love every single event that we create with Dallas Uncorked, I was especially excited about this year’s harvest dinner. Our 5th, and third time with Chef Janice Provost and Parigi, this year we added an extra special addition with the incredible wines of J Sparkling Wine and Jordan Winery, both in Sonoma. An extra bonus, a plethora of fresh produce and olive oil from the Jordan property, flown into Dallas the day before the event, making this year’s inner truly a farm to table California harvest meal.

Some of the produce flown in for our harvest dinner from Jordan.

Some of the produce flown in for our harvest dinner from Jordan.











I have had a chance to visit Jordan Winery a few times, and marvel each time at the beauty of their extensive winery garden (about an acre in size), field of olive trees, fruit trees and cattle, each thriving seamlessly with their gorgeous Alexander Valley vineyards.  With the help of Lisa Matton, Jordan Winery Director of Marketing and Communications, and of course the talents of wonderful Chef Janice, we created a lavish four course meal for our sold out event. Bonus, we will be able to donate two full days of meals to The Stewpot from proceeds of the dinner, as well as making a donation to Cafe Momentum and their “get the doors open” fund raising campaign to open their stand alone operation.

Dallas Uncorked harvest dinner picture 4 - girls

Thanks to all who joined us, check out some fun photos of the evening below. And, check back soon as we will have details on our upcoming events on our website shortly.

















































2014-06-25 19.02.28_resized






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