We’re Toasting: Halloween on The Broadcast

Ghoulishly wicked celebrations will ensue this weekend as we celebrate a rare Friday night Halloween. Yesterday morning I popped over to The Broadcast to share a few spooky wines perfect for the holiday, making your festivities scary good.


The Ghost Winery wines from Flora Springs are ideal for Halloween celebrations. Napa Valley’s still has a handful of “ghost winery” properties throughout the valley, most built between 1860 and 1900. Sadly, when phylloxera, Prohibition and the Great Depression hit most of these wineries were abandoned. Forty years ago, Flora Komes, the matriarch of Flora Springs, renovated the abandoned property, keeping some of the original varieties planted in place, like their Ghost Winery Malbec and Cabernet Franc. I am a huge fan of stand alone Cabernet Franc, though only if it is made well. The Bordeaux variety, that is usually used for blending, can be slightly earthy and vegetal if not managed properly. Happily, Flora Springs manages it perfectly, bringing out floral and black fruit notes with a luscious texture. $55 available via their website.

To be Besieged may bring up a negative connotation, but for Ravenswood a flock of black ravens that circled the property, surrounding it as their own during their first harvest became good luck charms, and a sign of prosperity for the winery early on. Their Besieged blend of varieties Winemaker Joel Peterson loves, including Peitit Sirah, Carrignan, Zinfandel and more, is an example of the prosperity the winery has seen from its start and how menacing ravens, originally thought to be a bad omen, can actually bring good luck. $17, widely available throughout Dallas and via their website.

Gnarly Head Authentic Black is a dark, intense and interesting Petit Sirah based blend perfect for fall entertaining, and affordable enough it can pair perfectly with any budget and any occasion. Juicy, rich black cherry, blackberry and plum flavors intertwine with spice notes, helped along from 1 year of oak aging. $12 available throughout Texas at Albertson’s and Total Wine and More stores, for a limited time only.

I am a huge hard cider fan, and would like to have ginger in just about any cocktail or cider I drink, so Angry Orchard made it a little easier on me with their Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider. Not too sweet, and with the right amount of savory spice the cider is perfect on its own or layered on top of a bit of Skyy Infusions Ginger Vodka and Cointreau for a Halloween treat.

Right here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Rahr and Sons has continued to grow and flourish, producing full flavored beers with a Texas dedication, but 150 year old German roots. Following in the traditions of their family heritage this Ft. Worth brewery has grow to be one of the largest and most loved in the state. Stormcloud IPA is hearty, hobby and intense, paying homage to their German roots. Rahr’s Blonde layers yeasty, bready characteristics with subtle sweetness and just the right touch of bitter hops. Ugly Pug Black Lager is a great Halloween beer as the light lager is filled with dark chocolate and espresso, giving you your Halloween candy in every glass. Widely available throughout Dallas, about $8 a 6-pack.