Wine Of The Day: Gundlach-Bundshu Gewürztraminer


The joy of taking in the first ethereal sip of a stellar wine speaks to a lot of why wine is an art form and not simply a beverage. Joyfully, this is found when sipping the rose petal, passion fruit, ripe melon, purple flower, and spice-filled Gewürztraminer from one of California’s oldest wineries, Gundlach-Bundschu in Sonoma Valley.

Founded in 1858, and still family-owned, the winery is best known for their traditional international varieties, like killer Cabernet Sauvignon and luscious Chardonnay, but their Gewürztraminer is the scene-stealer. With very pink skins when fully ripe, producing a pale yellow, summer wheat color, GunBun’s Gewürztraminer shines with a note of freshness thanks to the Pacific Ocean’s influence on the vines spreading cooling winds through the vineyards, keeping acidity intact.

Made in a very dry style, not always the norm as the high sugar content of the fruit makes it a natural for off-dry and sweet styles, GunBun’s Gewürztraminer ($25) is fresh, crisp, and juicy, ideal for pairing with spicy Thai or Mexican food, sushi, or even an opener for your holiday dinner. Cheers!


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