Wine Of The Day: Oceano Chardonnay

Aloha, for today’s “Wine of the Day” let’s toast a decidedly different kind of Chardonnay. Sure, we have our favorite Chardonnay wines, as it is the most popular white grape variety consumed by Americans, it is inevitable that f you are a wine drinker, you are well versed in all the various types, styles, flavors, and colors of Chardonnay. But, you may not have had this one. From ultra-coastal San Luis Obispo county, a region known as “SLO Coast Wine” a new wine has entered the market, Oceano.

Started by a Virginia born vintner and producer, Rachel Martin, whose family has Boxwood Estates in Middelberg, Virginia, and her sweetheart, entertainment entrepreneur, Kurt Deutsch, the duo decided a high cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, known as Spanish Springs Vineyard.

Sitting less than 2 miles from the Ocean, ensuring hot days meld into cold nights, with foggy mornings, windy afternoons, and overall consistency throughout the year, Spanish Springs delivers the key traits winemakers dream of. The location has the ability to ripen fruit while maintaining acidity. Bonus, thanks to salty, saline-filled breezes off the Ocean, Spanish Springs vines layer a hint of briny minerality to fresh, lively fruit. Still very new, but already making their name known, Oceano Chardonnay ($38) shines with tropical papaya and green mango, wrapped around lemon curd, spiced ginger, and melon, with a zest for life that requires enjoyment of not one glass, but two (or three.)

Pair with grilled mahi mahi or sea bass, roasted chicken, or perfectly on its own with an aged gouda or asiago cheese. Cheers!