Wine of the Day: MacRostie Dutton Ranch Chardonnay

MacRostie Sonoma Estate

When I talk about terroir and grapes having a sense of place to groups I teach I sometimes see a look of confusion in the eyes of my guests. I agree, you would think that grapes are grapes, why are grapes grown in one place any different than grapes grown in another place. But, like any living thing in the world, the place it is coming from directly effects the flavor of that thing.

It is why apples from upstate New York taste different than Washington apples, why Iberico Ham from Spain is considered some of the best in the world, why white truffles from Piemonte, Italy are so prized, and why the conversation about terroir in winemaking is not only an important part of the process, but for many winemakers, the most important part.

By definition, terroir is a combination of various growing concepts, including the elevation, the amount of sunlight and exposure grapes receive during the day, the slope of the land, the temperature, the type of soil grapes are grown in, wind, rain, and everything that Mother Nature gives to all living things.

In Sonoma’s Russian River Valley, Dutton Ranch is considered to be one of the most prized vineyards for growing premium Chardonnay fruit. Dutton Ranch Chardonnay fruit is some of the best, with some of the most prestigious wineries in California producing wine from the fruit including Patz & Hall, Kistler, Smith Story Wines, and MacRostie.

MacRostie Dutton Ranch Chardonnay leaps from the glass with bright acidity and freshness, layering lemon balm, Asian pear, ripe apple, and honeysuckle. Nicely textured and round, finishing with a hint of spiced almond and marzipan. Delicious! #cheers