Follow These Steps for a Fool Proof Christmas Brunch

Let’s face it, you have a lot going on right now. We are T minus just a few days until Christmas, which means your house is likely getting full, your final shopping trips should have been accomplished, and you are likely rather stressed. This year Christmas falls on the favorite brunch day of the week, meaning in addition to ensuring Santa has fulfilled every wish on the list, you also need to create an impressive holiday brunch spread.

Creating a foolproof brunch is easier to accomplish than you think. Just follow these easy steps, and you will enjoy the holiday as much as the rest of your family. #Cheers and Merry Christmas

Plan the menu in advance
This tip seems like a no-brainer, but planning in advance will go a long way in ensuring you can enjoy the day. I recommend including a bevy of sweet and savory items and something fresh and green. We love poaching eggs in advance and serving them on a bitter green salad with red wine vin, paired with pumpkin strudel, and our take on eggs in purgatory.

Keep the prepared items simple 
There is no need to be on chef duty during your party. We recommend making a bread pudding or french toast casserole instead of pancakes or waffles or preparing savory quiche or frittatas instead of made-to-order eggs and omelets. Our breakfast bread pudding recipe is sweet and savory and is best when prepared the night before to be baked in the morning, giving the bread ample time to soak in the custardy sweetness.

Celebrate the season
Take the stress out of menu planning by taking a cue from Mother Nature by focusing on the time of year, whether it be spring vegetable frittatas, spiced pumpkin bread, or roasted winter squash soup.

Make it small
As you may be hosting a crowd that will gather throughout your home, prepare bite-sized items that can easily be carried from one room to the next and be made in advance, like mini quiches. Create our favorite spinach quiche recipe in individual sizes by using mini pie tins instead of the traditional large pie shell. In addition to being easy to transport, they look so cute stacked on top of a tray.  

Be adventurous
Though sausage, hashbrowns, and eggs are standard breakfast fare, there aren’t any set rules as to what you have to have on a brunch menu, have fun. Avocado toast, salmon breakfast scramble, loaded tater tots, and of course, a sweet and spicy take on everyone’s favorite pork product, candy bacon

Watch your budget
No need to add gold leaf or truffles to your menu; it’s brunch. But brunch can also be special. Your guests will be pleased if your table is filled with love. 

Take advantage of your grocery store

Making everything yourself is impressive but unnecessary. Of course, all of the brunch can be homemade, but 50 or 60% of your meal can also be homemade, and likely no one will really mind if your pastries and bagels came from your local baker. The same is true for the pie shells for quiche, pre-sliced pancetta for crisps, etc. 

Know your audience 
If your guest list includes vegan or vegetarian friends, ensure you have options for them to enjoy. Luckily, breakfast can easily include a little of both options that are still easy to prepare and can be made in advance. We love our roasted acorn squash and pumpkin recipe at this time of year, providing something filling and tasty while being completely vegan. 

Embrace the buffet 
Setting up everything as a buffet takes the stress of plating the meal off of you and allows your guests to enjoy what they like, pass on what they don’t, and easily go back for more. 

Cocktails are always appropriate
With a blog named “Red Wine With Breakfast,” I obviously embrace the morning cocktail. Make a pitcher of bloody mary mix with vodka on the side, a batch of apple ginger cocktails, and a carafe of orange juice and mango juice with Prosecco for mimosas. Set up the drinks on top of a bar near the food. The drinks are sure to jazz up the afternoon, as will low-alcohol wine options or seltzers, and don’t forget to include plenty of non-alcoholic drinks

Select table decor that does double duty
Decorate the table with mini pots of fresh herbs or flowers that enhance the mood and act as gifts for your guests. And, while you are setting the mood, don’t forget to light candles and a fire, turn on the music, and set the lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. Even in the middle of the day, having the right ambiance will make everyone feel welcome and loved. 

Say yes when offered a hand of assistance
Similar to how it is alright not to make every item on your holiday table yourself, accepting help from your family and friends will help you enjoy the day much more. And they will likely enjoy it and then get to be with you as you are prepping and preparing.

Don’t do the dishes
You have worked hard to create a magical day for those you love. They can clean up. It is the one bit of advice that changed my marriage. I was always so exhausted at the end of a day of cooking and entertaining for our friends, but I hate to wake up to a dirty kitchen. When I allowed myself to step away and let Gary take on the cleaning on dinner-party evenings, I ensured the celebratory nights were a joy instead of non-stop work.