We’re Toasting and Cooking: 4th of July


We were talking cocktails on The Broadcast this week, featuring a handful of really (really) tasting ones that would be perfect for sipping poolside or on the patio getting ready for 4th of July fireworks. Which made me think….why not add the cocktails and their recipes with a few perfect dishes to make your 4th the very best it can be. Below are recipes and details for the cocktails and wine we featured on the show a well a a few key holiday recipes that will be tasty this weekend…yes, Gary’s beans are included….Cheers!  Link to the segment below.

G’Vine Gin – $35, French gin made from Uni Blanc grape spirit and vine flowers in the Cognac region of France for a very light, slightly floral and fruity, and ginger spice notes without the overwhelming herbal, juniper notes often found in gin…this one could be dangerous.

G’Vine Cosmo
1 part G’Vine Gin
1/2 part Cointreau
1 part Cranberry juice
finish with club soda and a squeeze of lime

Art in the Age Root – $32, love this organic spirit made from all natural ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon, birch bark, for a rich yet not overly sweet spirit, awesome simply mixed with soda or ginger ale.

ROOT n Ginger
2 parts ROOT
4 parts ginger beer
Ginger slice

JR Ewing Kentucky Bourbon, $30 available at Spec’s, J.R. partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group, in collaboration with Southfork Bottling Company. Distilled in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country, aged 4-years in american oak for a smooth, slightly toasty and caramelized flavor. Great on its own, or in summer cocktails.

JR Ginger Julep
2 parts JR Ewing Bourbon
1 ounce simple syrup
10 mint leaves
1/2 part Domaine de Canton or other ginger liqueur
splash club soda


Gary’s Baked Beans Recipe (follow the link here) (and Truffle Mac and Cheese…another great option)


Blue Cheese Potato Salad


Summer Caprese

And just visit TJ’s Seafood (open all 4th of July weekend with a great lobster special going) or Pecan Lodge for your proteins.

Pali Charm Acres Sonoma Coast Chardonnay– $22, available at Goody Goody or their website; Small production winery making quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines from single vineyard plots of land in California’s Central Coast, Sonoma and Santa Barbara counties. This Sonoma Chardonnay is filled with the inherent notes of lemon citrus and pear that we love in Chardonnay, enhanced with a spicy note adding complexity.  The palate is intense and vibrant, with rich layers of apple, melon and mango accompanied by an underlying minerality.

Famous Gate Pinot Noir, $90 available via the Domaine Carneros wesbite; Pinot Noir named in honor of the gates that welcome guests into the Carneros estate. Best known for their traditional method sparkling wines, this special still wine shows the power, concentration and unique qualities of the estate fruit and the Carneros region. Full body, rich blackberry and cherry fruit, with a slightly oaky touch, finishing with slightl chewy tannins, blue and black fruits and mocha.