We’re Cooking: My Favorite Hawaiian Roll, Deconstructed


Fresh mango growing in our backyard
Fresh mango growing in our backyard

Heaven is when you can walk out your backdoor and find a garden of goodness waiting for you. The surroundings we are in at our beautiful spot in Hawaii has just that, with baby pineapple growing at the base of massive banana, papaya and mango trees, surrounded by lemons, limes and avocados. Living a “tree to table” lifestyle has never been so good, especially when coupled with a “sea to table” accompaniment.

My favorite sushi roll is the Hawaiian roll, fresh ahi surrounded by mango and avocado, for me doused with a healthy dash of wasabi and just a touch of soy. We improvised the other night by simply getting fresh ahi and salmon at our favorite sushi spot on the island, then simply sliced an avocado and one of the mango from the backyard. Voila, dinner is served. Perfect paired with a light and lively Rose, like a blushing Whispering Angel from Provence.