We’re Toasting: My Love

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Happy Anniversary to my love, my Gary. Just two years ago we surprised everyone with our pop-up wedding, saying “I DO” surrounded by some of our most favorite people and loving families. And wow, what a journey the past two years have been. We have lived 10 years in 2, and everyday I realize how blessed I am to have you. Your unconditional love and support, your generosity, your humor. With that, here is the perfect anniversary dinner to show your love just how special they are. Each are a few of Gary’s favorite things to toast this day with.

jordan white

My love loves a good Chardonnay, and Jordan Winery makes one of the best. Fresh and vibrant, with a great balance of fruit and acidity. A great way to start a night and sip all the way through.


Gary’s famous parmesan baskets, one of the first things he made for me, filled with fresh greens, grassy olive oil and pesto. Gary’s Parmesan Baskets Recipe.


Roasted wild Alaskan salmon, Gary caught on his fishing trip last year, on black forbidden rice with black truffle. Earthy, rich and elegant. Salmon with Truffle Recipe.


Homemade flan for dessert. A creamy end to a delicious night. Pair with Far Niente Dolce for a little extra love.
Flan with Cointreau Caramel Recipe.


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  1. Happy anniversary! Can’t believe that was 2 years ago.

    Another good reason to be in HI, It will not stop raining!! Ugh!



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